Connecting Great Domains with Great Sites

Drive more leads, sales and clients with a Vanity Domain name.  

The Benefits of Using the System

For Domain Owners

Domain Owner Benefits

Recurring Revenue Stream
Continue to Own Your Domain Name
Increased Domain Name Awareness
Zero Development Costs
Month to Month or Long Term Agreements

For Website Owners

Website Owner Benefits

Use Best of Class Domain
No Cash Outlay
Instant Credibility
Drive Targeted Traffic
Create Measurable Campaigns
Increased Call to Action
Zero Development Costs

What makes a great Vanity Short domain name? 

Easy to Recall

Can you remember it 48 hours later.


Great domains give instant credibility to your web site and your goods and services.

Easy to Share

Word of Mouth is still the most powerful tool. Can others recall and share your domain?


A great domain makes it perfectly CLEAR what is being offered by the web site.


It's easy to create a marketing campaign around a strong domain name.


A great name speaks to you intuitively and helps explain the offering.

Connect Your Site with a Great Vanity Domain in 60 seconds!

Use to redirect a great vanity domain to a target web site in just 60 seconds.

Get up and running in 60 seconds.  Guaranteed.  

Ultimate Custom Filtering and Full Blown Analytics Dashboard

Create Custom Filters
Your client only wants to pay for US traffic ? No problem.

FILTER and REDIRECT traffic by region, language, browser, operating systems and/or IP addresses.

Also FILTER and REDIRECT traffic by desktop, mobile or tablet user device to maximize user experience.
Full Analytics Reporting
Create daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc fully customized analytic reports.  Proof positive that your vanity short domain is driving traffic to your target site.
Fortune 500 Companies utilizing Vanity Short Domains
Conde Naste
WeatherTech redirects to redirects to redirects to redirects to redirects to redirects to redirects to redirects to (Conde Naste) redirects to redirects to founder AJ Martin has been investing in, and has personally developed, over 1,000 keyword vanity domains generating revenues in excess of $5,000,000 during his 28 year career in internet marketing. Let him share his lifetime of strategic domain expertise with you - as you develop your strategy using a Vanity Short domain.